How To Create A Task

Creating Task in CA Cloud Desk is simple and helps chartered accountants like you to enhance productivity and optiize workflow of your firm.

How to create Task

Select Task option from the left Panel in your partner Dashboard.

Click the +Task option, and you will be redirected to the below screen.

Let’s look at the details in Task Creation process.


  • Select Task: Select an Instant Task or an existing task.
  • Target Date: select the date when you want to finish the task.
  • Due Date: Set the deadline for completing the task.
  • Service: Select from a wide range of services you’re offering, for example: Audit or Consultation.
  • Reporter: Enter the name of the reporter, the person who will monitor the task.
  • Priority: Choose the task’s priority level: Low, Medium, or High.
  • Assignees: Type the name of the person who will complete the task.

Just like you did in creating Task Template in the more fields section, 

  • Select Consultant: The consultant is the person who has the expert knowledge. You can seek help from a consultant during the task. 
  • Intimate: Select the Intimate to notify the right people about task updates.

Pro Tip: Create a Task Template first, so that all of the details can be automatically fetched.

Add Task Stages and select the follow sequentially button, so that all the task stages are followed in a sequential manner.

In this step Add details and detailed steps or SOPs for the task. This will help the assignee to complete the task efficiently.

Add Billing Fees and Click on Create Invoice Option for automatic Invoice creation of this Task.

Add Subtasks, You can Add multiple subtasks and add more fields using the More Fields checkbox.
Click Final Submit to complete the task.

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